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FACILITIES AND TRANSPORTATION consist of Temple Keepers, Maintenance, and Transportation

Maintenance is vital to preserving excellence in the house of God.  The purpose of this group is to perform scheduled upkeep and repairs on church property and equipment.

Temple Keepers are the stewards of the temple.  They are responsible for creating an atmosphere of cleanliness, order, and excellence at all times. With limited or sporadic schedules, this ministry will give you the flexibility of serving before or after service, special events, during the week or on weekends. 

Transportation is responsible for offering a safe courteous mode of travel that will help others to enjoy a Rivers of Joy worship experience.  This group handles the scheduling of transportation, the driving of Rivers of Joy vans, and the maintenance and upkeep of all Rivers of Joy vehicles.

If you have completed New Member Orientation please click the link below to join the Facilities and Transportation Department.

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