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HOSPITALITY consist of Food Service, Armor Bearers, Ushers, Greeters and Parking lot attendants

  1. Ushers, Greeters, and Parking Lot attendants take pleasure in welcoming everyone to the place where the River flows with Joy.  They help to create a safe and pleasant environment by offering guidance in the parking lot, seating, offering, and serving the saints of God.  They also aid and assist during altar call.

  2. The Food Service group expresses creativity, enthusiasm and excellence in the storing, preparation and serving of food for various ministries and special events.  They also host special guest with warmth and friendliness.

  3. Armor bearers are assistants to those who operate in the 5 fold ministry.  They are responsible for aiding the spiritual leaders of Rivers of Joy Ministries as well as guest ministers to ensure that they accomplish the will of God for that time without distraction.  It is a ministry of total servant hood.

If you have completed New Member Orientation click the link below to join the Hospitality Department.

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