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The Music and Dance Department is composed of ministries dedicated to the service of God.The ministries are as follows:


  1. The Voices of Joy (Praise Team & Musicians) minister to God thru song and instruments.  Thru their personal worship they help to create an atmosphere conducive for a corporate worship experience and an environment where the word of God has free course.

  2. Signs and Wonders dance team usher in the presence of God as they express adoration to our King thru dance and creative expression.  They operate in excellence as they manifest the glory of God

  3. The Drama group illustrates and depicts creative or past events thru dramatic dialogue, song or display.  This group includes those gifted in acting, costume creating, prop design, writing, and directing.

  4. The Choir is a collaborative effort to establish a harmonious choral expressing God’s glory and worship through psalms

    1. Seasonal Ladies Choir

    2. Seasonal Men’s Choral

    3. Seasonal Youth Choir

If you have completed New Member Orientation click the link below to join the Music and Dance Department

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