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OUR VISION: To become a church that Loves God, Loves People, Serves People for Kingdom expansion by the preached word of Faith.


OUR MISSION: Rivers of Joy Ministries has been established to preach and teach the gospel that takes care of spiritual, natural, and social needs of all men.  We are commissioned by God to walk in the unity of faith, to set the example of Christian character and to build a body of believers that transmogrify their communities.  We accept the challenge to train our children in the laws and statues of God and to work to create a Godly home environment.


OUR PROTOCOL:  Bishop and Pastor Stewart lead Rivers of Joy Ministries thru the divine instructions of God. The instructions are delegated to the Rivers of Joy team of leaders.  Together we strategize and undergird the workflow to see the vision flourish as it comes to pass. 


OUR DEPARTMENTS:  Rivers of Joy ministries is joined together by many different departments.  They are Hospitality, Facilities and Transportation, Music & Dance, Tech & Media, Security and Safety, Public Relations, Office Administration, Special Ministries & Activities, Evangelism & Assimilation, Church Administration, Youth, Education and Ministerial Affairs.  Each department is composed of several different groups. Once you have completed the New Members Orientation we invite you become a VIP partner in one of our Departments. Join by clicking the link below.

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